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NEW UniqueCraft Factions

NEW UniqueCraft Factions


Welcome to Unique Craft

Hi am Sean age 18 male and looking to create the next best and unique server for the community which is you! and give you 100% control over what happens on the server from plugins to different and unique events and even new builds all of the thoughts that you have for the server we would love to hear them as this is your server more than ours.


This server will contain over 50 plugins to add extra fun to your faction world, Firstly the reason why i am making this server was because i felt that many of the other servers that i have been on have been amazing but all of them had different types of plugins and experience on different servers so i thought why not turn all of them into one server and here i have, I have 100% made this server by my self with a lot of hard work which is well worth is. One problem that i do have is no staff members and only one owner which is me so i would love so try and get more staff members as the server goes on, Thank you and i hope you have a great day.

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