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fexzCraft - 1.7.4
Hello! since you click on this advertisement i'm assuming you would like to get to know a bit more about Fexzcraft. This is a dedicated 24/7 server with plenty of game-modes, mini-games and more to come in the feature. Our Game-Modes include Factions, KitPVP and Hardcore PvP/Factions. Our Mini-games include: SurvivalGames, Parkour and games to be released later are War-z and SkyWars when our coder is finished with the plugins he is done with the coding. Sorry about that

                                          Ranks  -  Packages

here are our ranks and packages and the prices


Iron - $15.00 get kit iron and /feed

Gold - $25.00 get kit gold, /feed and /heal

Diamond - $75.00 get kit diamond, /feed and /heal

Obsidian - $125.00 get kit obsidian, /GOD, /feed and /heal

Bedrock - $150.00 get kit bedrock, /GOD, /FLY, /feed and /heal

                             About our Gamemodes and minigames

Here's some extra information about our minigames and gamemodes.



When you spawn drop down to get to the main spawn pvp area HINT there are a few traps and other building to pvp in. There are two shops, One is to buy the other is to sell. The items aren't cheap but they aren't expensive either.


Almost identical to factions, not the same spawn, NO traps at spawn and items are VERY cheap.



Our survivalgames maps are created by our server staff / building team. The consist of a Catching Fire map, and a few nether / hell world maps that are not the smallest and easiest maps to play...


Not much to explain but its parkour and find a reward at the end of your journey..


Not going to reveal to much but simple war-z map with some extra plugins to enhance game play for an awesome gaming Experience.

                                                  Staff Program

here's our list of staff:

Owner - InFexzHD

Co-Owner - WildPvP

Co-Owner - Stardreamer2447

Admin - trooper77

Admin - Mastertimmy763

Moderator - Pbatbossaru

Moderator - Apply after donating

                     And last but not least the person i wanna give most thanks to is my friend WildPvP
                 He helped develop the ENTIRE server and plugins the whole way with me. Him and I got to know each                        other pretty well and plz go sub to him at: Thanks and hope 
                 to see you join our community real soon!

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