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Mystic Factions | Vampires | Wizardry | Werewolfs


Mystic Factions... A land of mystery, magical beings, and all things known and unknown to man. Mystic factions looks to provide a truly one of a kind experience where you, the player, can be several different types of mystical races and learn to enjoy Minecraft in all new ways. Insert yourself in this servers history as you help write its lore by choosing whether to be a blood hungry vampire, a human hungry werewolf, or a powerful witch/wizard and join the never ending war that plagues the human community day by day as they fight along side these mystical beings to survive. You may even decide that you love your human body and mind enough that you won't sacrifice it for any of these ancient clans, and that you wish to hunt them alongside your brethren instead... Join today and choose your destiny.

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