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OverPlayed - | SMP | Semi-Vanilla | PvE | Economy


Server Name: OPMC - OverPlayedMC

Server Locale: United States Central

Server IP/Address:



Version: 1.7.9

Game Play Type/s: Survival, Economy, mcMMO, Minigames

Additional Worlds: SkyWorld, 3BC, Minigames


OPMC - OverPlayedMC was founded in late 2012 by RCYoung86. The main goal was to run a Minecraft server that pertains to keeping it close to Minecraft as possible along with running some plugins on the side. The OverPlayedMC server is based around enjoying Minecraft to its full potential while playing with friends in a family friendly environment, we try to keep it simple and fun! You don't need to learn any complex plugins or be confused, we have dedicated and amazing staff to provide the best community help as possible.

We provide a Survival server based around a family friendly community, the players in it are awesome and are extremely friendly. The OPMC server has shops, spleef, mob arena(s) (Many different types of arenas, all creatively developed), a special type of mob arena custom designed specifically for the server. It is overall no-grief and no-pvp (in the normal world). We have a very nice block claiming feature called Residence which is easy to understand and use. We have a strong staff team and overall a great community that is slowly growing. To get more information about the OverPlayedMC server, please visit the website.

Rules: No Griefing/Stealing etc.

Official Rules:

Player Ranks:

Owners/Admins/Moderators: [Owner] RCYoung86, [Co-Owner] Trixies13, [Admin] electtric_kat, [Admin] Logsdon2005, [Admin] Smofskren, [Mod] UND3ADS0LDI3R, [Mod] FelchGore




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