This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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A friendly white listed survival server!

A Prank On SlayerSaver
The Arena
captainS26 Base

This Minecraft server (Azikio) is based on the popular servers Athery's Ascended and MindCrack.
All players are friendly, however, sometimes we like to prank others :) Actually captainS26 and I just pranked SlayerSaver by placing beds all over his house since he is notorious for falling asleep as soon as he watches a movie. We also like projects such as building massive arenas or making a restaraunt at the spawn (Many of these are built by multiple people). We try not to get too many plugins but the ones we DO have are color portals (To get around easily) And /warp spawn (for obvious reasons). If you wish to join please send an email to saying
1: Your age
2: Why you want to join
3: Confirm that you will read and obey the rules (rules are at spawn)

Please also leave your email address and exact Minecraft name so we can notify you if you get in and white list you.

You may or may not be whitelisted so may the odds be ever in your favor!!!

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