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[1.7.4] CHUNK64 SURVIVAL [:WHITELIST | 24/7 | 64 S



Howdy, welcome to Chunk64! We are a whitelisted, mostly-vanilla survival/economy server, which is run and maintained by Chinwe and Boose.

We aim to keep the player's experience as close to vanilla as possible, by not installing unnecessary and excessive plugins. However, the list includes all the necessities, as well as a few custom ones that are internally coded:

LWC, to protect your valuables.

Hawkeye, CoreProtect and Worldguard, to protect everything else (creepers and endermen grief has been disabled).

Essentials, and therefore the standard commands such as /home, /tpa and /back.

GoneShoppin, our custom-made shopping/banking plugin, complete with item pricing, buying, selling and bank balances.

We use Golden Nuggets, more commonly known as GN, as our currency, and an extensive price list to go with it, found at, or accessible by using /price ingame.

You can store a specific amount (currently 2000GN) in your bank account using /deposit, and take it out using /withdraw - find out about all these commands by using /shop ingame!

Please note that all economy commands are currently being rewritten from scratch, and will be available shortly!


Builder: When you join, you are a Builder, the default rank.

Regulars: After playing regularly for a month, you get promoted to a Regular, who get a few more commands (viewable with /help)

MiniMods: The first staff rank. Intermittently we have elections where you can apply, and be voted in - asking will get you nowhere!

Mod: The rank after MiniMod is Mod - they are also voted in at the same time as MiniMods. Only MiniMods can become Mods.

Admin: The rank after Mod, an admin has supreme control over most things.

Owner: The only requirement is to be Chinwe!

Architect: If you build extraordinarily (and I mean extraordinarily), you can become an Architect, who are known for their incredible building skill (and have several more commands such as /jumpto)

There are 5 donator ranks, ranging from Donator1 to Donator5.

Chunk64 has relied solely on voluntary donations to stay up and running for over 2 years. Donators get access to several ingame perks, including flight, more /homes, disguises and more! Find all the required information at
Please note that donating does not grant you immunity to being jailed/kicked/banned.

If you have any problems, requests or questions, please post the on the forum (at If you believe you have been banned unfairly, you can also appeal your ban there.

...You know the rules, and so do I...
Our rules are pretty standard for survival servers

pls tlk whit gud spelin nd gramr, no1 liks wen u cnt b bthrd 2 spel proply

No griefing - we find, rollback and ban griefers with ease.

No hacking - this includes anything that gives you an unfair advantage over
other players, including (but not limited to) flying, fullbright, and especially xray.

Be respectful to everyone, regardless of rank!

Don't ask for ranks, items or privileges.

Don't advertise.

If you are interesting in joining us, please post on this thread:

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