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Arcadian Dreams


Arcadian Dreams is a PvE Bukkit Server with an RPG flavor.

We do what we can to be a 24/7/365 uptime server, with the world being 100% legit, no free hand outs, no refunds for lost items.

While we are still under construction, we hope to be open soon, and I can tell you a little about what we have so far:

  • Quests: Fully functional quests from NPCs throughout the world that will reward you with items, money, and experience
  • Classes: Pick a class tree to go down, learn new skills, and gain more power
  • Dungeons: Hand-made dungeons by our dungeon specialist, these dark places of the world are both maddening and challenging
  • Economy: NPC shops have been set up in the few towns we have so far, selling goods
  • McMMO: Class powers not enough? McMMO is here to help with that
  • Parkour and Mini-Games: We have an entire world set up with custom-made parkour courses and mini-games set up for when adventuring needs to be given a break
  • Optional PvP: I realize that not everyone wants to fight other players, so PvP is toggle-able
  • Whitelist
  • Experienced Admins: I've been running servers since infdev, so I have an idea of how things work, and my server staff is professional
  • Events: Since we realize that running the same dungeon over and over is boring, my staff and I are currently working on a series of events that we may run on the server for players that will hand out special, custom items.

While we aren't quite ready to blow the doors open on the server just yet, we hope to be finished with things by the end of April. If you really just want to play, feel free to fill out an application to the whitelist, and you'll be added if said application is sufficient.

  • Application Example -

In-Game Name:

How you like to play:

What you think is the coolest-sounding thing mentioned above:

What you think you can contribute to the server:

That's just an example, if you feel like adding more onto it, or less, feel free, the more you tell me about yourself, the better your odds of being let in. Just remember, the whitelist is early access.

That being said, we're in desperate need of good builders, if you think you have good skills, send me an application, and we can work something out.

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