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UrbanCraft Non PvP


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Overview UrbanCraft

UrbanCraft Non Pvp has an open community with a fun and relaxing server feeling. We have a friendly and and helpful staff that will help you to have the best experience on the server possible. We hope that you join our server and enjoy your time on UrbanCraft Non Pvp.

Features Of UrbanCraft


We also created a mall, where you can buy and sell all items. It is a great place to get building materials, and whatever else you need. Its also a great place to sell items for easy money, which can be very helpful. At the Mall there are player shops on the first level, where you can rent a plot for a as long as you like, and then make your own shop where people can purchase the items you are selling. Lastly, at the Mall we have a safe trading post where you can forget the worrying of normal trading, such as "will I get my items", we have a simple safe trading system which makes life a lot easier.


UrbanCraft also offers a auction plugin, where you can auction any item of any amount for the people of the server to bid on. This is also a great way to make money, and is very useful for getting the most money you can for enchanted tools and armor, because two people bidding can throw the winning price way up. Overall, this plugin is a lot of fun and very useful at the same time.


This server offers a great Parkour Course, with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. There is a reward for winning the Advanced Course, which to warn you, while it is mostdefiantlypossible and has been done once, is extremely challenging. The prize of finishing this is the command /Fly, and one Dragon Egg, and remember this is only for the Advanced course, for the Beginner and Intermediate courses there are only cash rewards.


We have just added a spleef arena, which is part of our mini-games plugin, it has three levels then a lava pit, then if you lose, then you go back to spawn, with your xp and items not affected. You can play as many times as you like, and it is extremely fun, and even better when you win. Also in the mini-games plugin we have a 1 on 1 parkour race, which is a race to see which one of the two players is the best at parkour. So these games are a lot of fun for you and your friends, which we hope you enjoy.

Other Features:

Along with the features I have already listed, we also have McMMo, Towny and a great community and staff. Thank you for reading about UrbanCraft, we hope you join our server.

Jrollmvp11, Owner, and Founder UrbanCraft

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