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United Gamers - Survival



We want to Welcome you to United Gamers we are a new community that has just started and look for people to enjoy the community with us, as of right now we have one Minecraft Server and a TeamSpeak.

Server Features:

  2. Grief Prevention
  3. Stores & able to rent a Store
  4. Friendly Staff

We pride ourself in having staff that don't jump to the ban hammer, but will use other methods first (i.e. jailing, muting, taking away a permission if that's the issue). So if you do something wrong or something to break the rules you will not be banned right off that bat that is why we have these steps in place.

We also have a website where you guys and keep up the News, Accouchements, and etc. You can also look at the forums and trade or auction off stuff you have built as well.

Community Site:

The owners of this server are BrandonTheOG, ThatGuyKristoff, and Meliemcquade you will normally always see one that way they can monitor the activity and make sure that everything is running perfect for the community.

We do not tolerate Drama or Fighting at all when it comes to the community, if you have an issue you can either talk to the person you are having a problem with or come to a Staff member to help you. We would much rather see a good outcome from a disagreement then someone getting hurt or possibly leaving the community because of it.

We have a very unique donating system on our website. When you donate (or vote) you get “points”. These “points” are used to buy in-game perks (ie. more homes, In Game Money, and other special perks). There is a one in 10 each time you vote for the server (do /vote in game) that you will get 3 points! (To be able to get points you MUST be registered on our site and connect your Minecraft character to your account)

You can always contact Staff via In-Game or on the website through PMs (Private Messages)

We hope to see you soon!

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