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»Acedia PVP | Factions - Global Treasure Hunt


» Acedia PvP
This server was built to give players the best PvP/Factions experience possible. We cater to what a Minecraft player would WANT from PvP and Factions.

  • A stable, living Economy
  • Lots of easy and free to access Minigames
  • The best Factions set up, complete with CHEST RAIDING and BASE RAIDING
  • Friendly, and very intelligent staff members!
  • Amazing community, full of other PvP Players.

» Factions

We made sure to make Factions work the way you have always wanted it to. We allow any user, no matter their alliance with another faction, to completely raid a base. Chests can be opened by anyone, Doors can be opened, and TNT cannons are completely allowed. We allow griefing, full on PvP, and the LEAST complicated spawn so you don't have to worry about running miles to the Warzone. ;)

» Economy

The Economy we use is simple and to the point. We have two currencies, Gold and Honor Points. Gold is used to buy items in our fully made buy/sell shop at spawn. You can obtain Gold by killing players, monsters, animals, and by playing our Minigames. You obtain  of all gold a player has on them when killing them, so storage is key... But too much Gold storage in your faction makes you a target... Making things more interesting.

Honor Points are VIP points. When you donate, you get a certain amount of points. The points can be used to buy lots of things in a portable shop that is opened with the '/shop' command. There you can buy Trails, /Hat's, Pets, Playerheads, Rare vanity/playing items, and so much more. You are fully allowed to sell points to players as well. So other players can buy these things! :)

» Minigames

Since our server is community ran, YOU tell us what minigames you want! We hold polls on our website for different things. Your vote changes the server as it grows older. Want a plugin? Make the suggestion! The more votes it has, the higher the chance it will be on our daily/weekly polls!

But we make our minigames in the best way we can for you. PvP, PvE, and other minigames a plenty. Whether it be Infected, Hunger Games, Mob Arena, Spleef, Prop Hunt, you name it!

» Staff

Another important thing to us is the staff. Our staff is friendly, sensible, understanding, very intelligent, and there for you so they can make YOUR server better. We are all here to listen, give advice and help, and make sure no asshole or hacker is ruining your fun. We enforce the rules fully and made sure our staff does NOT participate in PvP. They won't harass you, insult you, or belittle you about your age, race, sex, or anything.
They do, however, like to have fun. So don't expect them to not make jokes, either vulgar or not. They are just like you, looking for fun. But we promise no harassment in the slightest!

Too Long, Didn't Read / FAQ

Q: Does this server have strict rules?

A: No. We have about 5 rules in total. Just the obvious "no hacking, cheating, abusing glitches, racism, etc." Our goal is to make a server that DOESN'T constrict your fun!

Q: The staff won't come to my base and raid it right? Or ban people because they don't like them, correct?

A: Absolutely not. The staff does not partake in PvP or Factions. They might at times let you kill them, or hold events to see who can kill them faster... Stuff that's fun and optional.
The way our staff works is based off of how YOU treat us. If you want us to respect you, or to treat you nicely, then treat us that way back. We aren't there looking for an argument, just there to help and talk to you if you want to talk. Arguing with staff isn't wise. :)

Q: How does this community thing work?

A: We have a suggestion forum. You can post any suggestion on there whenever you'd like. Other users vote them higher based on how the populous agrees with it. If it's voted highly, it will be put on a poll for the day/week. At the end of the poll, we will add the features with the highest votes. Not just one at a time. If the suggestion is voted lowly, it's put aside.

Q: What is your stance on Donations?

A: We have the server covered in terms of payment. But the expansion of it is all based around how you all want it to be expanded. Your donation goes to our website, buycraft, plugins, anything to make it better!

Q: Okay... So what about OP donator perks?

A: Well, we don't really feature that. But that's all opinionated. If the community thinks something on our perks is Over Powered, then we will remove them :) We are just builders for a server you guys want. If something needs change, it'll change ASAP!

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