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Welcome to our Mineservers page! We're already pleased to have you checking us out!

First of all, we don't want you to compare us to other factions servers. We've put lots of time into making the experience on our server different from the rest, yet still easy to understand. The information below this introduction will tell you exactly how we're doing that.


The staff we choose are hand picked by the other certified staff members and I to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone on our server. What does that mean? That means that absolutely NONE of our staff paid for that rank. I truly believe that a great server can only be accomplished with great people. That's why I personally guarantee you'll be satisfied with the professionalism and overall friendliness provided by the staff here at NuclearMC.


Too many people believe more is better, but not always. We have integrated the plugins we feel best fit the mood and overall goal of the server.. factions. The whole idea here at NuclearMC is to provide an outstanding FACTIONS experience. We don't try to squash multiple game-modes in one. So if factions is what you're looking for, you're in the right place.


Last but definitely not least, our community. This server is driven by YOU! We want to hear all the ideas you guys have. Our website has sections to voice your opinion and share what you think would benefit the server the most. I cannot stress enough how important a great community is, we want you to help make it better! With friendly players, staff, and website we hope to exceed all the expectations you had before playing with us.

We hope you enjoy playing with us as much as we do!

Owner - timeguy147
Co-Owner - CtrlZero

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