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A semi-vanilla Survival server. We offer a non-griefing server with the survival feel. We do not allow the killing of others, without their permission and the return of items. We do however have a PvP arena that items will not be lost in and is a free for all. In this arena we have also included a parkour area. We have silk spawners, Player head drops and a Parkour area as well. Our mob griefing is turned off so you will not have to worry about your builds being destroyed. We give our players three sethomes. You have the ability to modify your chests, furnaces, and doors so that your friends can access them as well. We now also have a spleef arena, MobArena, new Custom mobs! These mobs are enraged mobs and have a blue name. They drop good stuff, but are harder to kill. If you are looking for a semi-vanilla survival server come join us and join in on our adventure!!!

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