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PK Madness [FACTIONS] [24/7] [60 SLOTS] [FAST SSD


Dear Minecrafters

I am maxv888 owner/developer pkmadness an upcoming Faction/Pvp mmo experience

Me and some admins/mods/builder are currently working on this server with me as main coder.
This server will be unlike any other server since it will include real story involving RP elements like
Quests lines. By completing a quest line you will of course get awesome rewards like enchanted gear
Access to better stores etc.

We will also provide this server with a rankup system, this will make your character actually stronger the further you develop it for example you start as a Newbie and end as a landlord. The landlord will be able to have more factions plots as newbies and more hourly/daily /kits.

i will be actively developing the server this means I will at least post an update everyday probably more,
Don't expect anything big yet the server as I said before is still in beta, but because it is in beta i will be taking off 15% off all VIP prices and donation purchases etc.


My aim for this server was of course to make a fun server which people will enjoy playing and don't mind spending a few hours on. My intention is also to make this a fair experience no purchases with full diamond gear enchantment + 5 etc every donated item will not make any/a lot of change in the game balance so a player who has VIP will not be stronger than a non VIP, they will just have benefits like a better shopping area and a VIP mine and a cool prefix [this will not affect the player economy]

A Player Owned Economy

I wanted to do something special with this, something rarely any server has done before
A player owned economy, with this I mean Demand vs Resource.
For example there are 5 diamonds in the server the price is 500
Then if there are 4 diamonds there is less resource this means the price goes up a little for example 525
This system will update all prices every hour and if there are no resources in stock the server will auto resupply a little bit.

Unlimited Exploration

The server runs on a Dedicated server with 4GBs of ram memory and a fast DL speed.
This means the server will load chunks really fast and makes us able to have a smooth 40+ players online without a lot of lag. We will be optimizing this as much as we possibly can each update.

I will also be releasing some smaller minor changes each day and some bigger updates each week.
This is so the game will stay active and players will actively see and enjoy the changes.


This server will never just update the main server itself, we will be working with a backup server
What I call the pre-release server which is an exact copy of the current server files built with the newest content that is going to be released here is where VIP comes in. All VIP members will get access to our pre-release server where they can test and rate the new content we are releasing.

Forum bound:

The server is forum bound, this means if you level up in game your forum rank etc. Will also get changed.

If you want to play this server in the future or you are already enjoying it feel free to SignUp on these forums,
If you have any in-game problems/or want to report a rulebreaking player/staff sign up and post a report.

I hope I have informed and explained everyone enough hope to see you ingame

Best regards: Max de Vos

Maxv888 Server developer/owner
Company holder: Intoxicated Games Inc ©
Questions ? Mail:

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