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MythicMC 1.8 - 1.11.2


Factions Survival Creative Minigames

We are a new and upcoming network server looking to build a strong community and provide a quality experience for our players. We are always open to suggestions and feedback in order to make your time with us even better.

We do have some staff positions available. We try to ensure that all of our staff is 18+ to make our staff as mature possible. Applications for staff positions can be found on our website. You must be a active member of the community in order to be considered for the position. All current staff help us determine new staff so be sure to be respectful in order to increase your chances.

All of our donor ranks are global ranks. Meaning that you do not need to buy a rank for each server. All of our packages are under $100 USD and support the upkeep of the server. All ranks are a onetime payment. If you want to upgrade your rank all you need to do is purchase an upgrade package. These packages make you pay the difference between your current rank and the upgraded one.

This is our main server in our network. This is also the only server currently that offers rewards for voting for us on server listing sites. Voting will get you a vote key which you can use to open up the vote crate. We have some nice premium plugins to make our factions server an even better experience. We have a sleek shop and auction GUI along with premium McMMO. We have modified the PvP to be similar to 1.8.

The second server is our semi-vanilla Survival server. We tried to keep the base game of Minecraft but add a few features to make it more enjoyable. We use the plugin Grief Prevention which will allow you to protect your home from being destroyed. Some donor rank commands and kits are removed to make the server as vanilla as possible.

The third server available is our Creative server. This uses the standard PlotMe style and each player starts with 4 claims. More claims can be available via a donor rank. We will soon be implementing a build rating system so you can see what others think of your builds. We hope to host some build competitions and offer rewards to the highest voted build.

The final server available at the moment is our Minigames server. This server is for having fun without risk of losing anything, other than maybe your pride. We offer many gamemodes such as capture the flag, domination, infection, team slayer (team deathmatch), and free for all. We also have 1v1 dueling with players fighting to be the top of the 1v1 leaderboard. We will be adding new maps every so often to keep the modes fun.


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