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You are entering an amazing world, where YOU are fresh meat, and you need to try and survive the BLOOD MOON that comes around every 4 Hours, what this means is:

Skeletons shoot faster.
Skeletons shoot fire arrows (that start fires).
Zombies spawn with weapons and armor.
Mobs can break blocks when focused on a player.
Hostile mobs have more health.
Small chance of your sword taking massive damage with each strike.
Creepers have much more powerful explosions (that cause fire).
Any hostile mob killed has a small chance of coming back as a zombie (or other mob).
A mob will spawn if you try to sleep.
More mobs will spawn.
Mobs will drop more XP when killed.
Mobs will drop more items when killed
Mobs will target players from further away
Mobs will move faster 

Think YOU can survive? Play Now!! --->

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