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World of Elixin [Survival] [Mcmmo] [Hard] [Anti-Gr


Welcome to the World of Elixin!

----What is this server about?
-This server is a survival server stuck on hard mode to make game play much more interesting and fun
-This server also dose not tolerate things such as Grief and Theft, So if your looking for that go to a different server
-We also sponsor a great amount of fun activities, an entertaining fight club and more to keep the server more alive
from time to time
-We use economy plugins so that you can use in game money, and create shops or other sorts
-We also have a book worm for people who like writing storys in there minecraft books
-This server also has a resource world which resets every month so the you can mine freely looking for those diamonds
-We feature friendly staff and a ranking system based on the amount of time you have played on the server

The Ranks on our server are followed:
Player - Starting Rank
Member - 22 hours played
Warrior - 65 hours played
Elder - 150 hours played


Don't be afraid to ask the staff about an question you might have

Staff Ranks:

-- Crazymav
-- Tgrasmusen
-- Mr_Banks15


Head_Admin: TheTman33

Owner: MrTopHat1258

Rules of the server:
1: Be respectful
2: Be Ethical
3: Use common sense
4: Swearing is okay but no hate speech
5: No grief
6: No PvP Unless:

  • Both Agreed to it
  • Your in the Fight Club Arena
  • You caught someone stealing from you
  • Someone wont get off your land even though you asked them too
    7: No Full auto grinders (Must have an off switch)
    8: NO Iron Gollem Grinders
    9: NO XRAY!! We have programs to find out
    10: Don't ask for OP or Ranks, you wont get them
    11: Have fun!
    12: Don't build too close to your neighbors

We hope to see you on The World of Elixin

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