This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome To Paradoxium,
IP :
Paradoxiym is a 24/7 non-whitelisted, cracked server with friendly staff, always wanting to help you!
Join now to have amazing fun!

Important Plugins - Authme, Essentials, WorldEdit, Citizens, Residence, Mcmmo, VoxelSniper.
Paradoxium have a total of 50 plugins, to try give you the best experience possible!

Ranks are listen below :

[Guest] - /Spawn, /Rules
[Player] - /Warp, /Balance, /Tpa, /Sethome, /Msg, Ect...
[Player+] - /Rc - Teleport somewhere completely random!
[Member] - /Me
[Member+] - /clearchat - Clear the chat completely.
[Trusted] - /Afk,
[Guard] - /Mute, /Kick, /Fly
[Mod] - /Ban, /Banip, /Tempban,
[SuperMod]- /Superpickaxe, /Invsee, /Lightning
[Badmin] - /I, /Resadmin , Can promote to Trusted
[Admin] - Anything And Everything!

You Earn Ranks With Time And Trust!
You cannot apply for staff!
You Can Earn Them By - Donating Or Earning Them -
Dont Ask About Earning It Or Dont Even Speak About It!
Just Wait, Your Time Will Come,
By Playing And Having Fun!

Please donate as much as possible to keep the server up!
The more you donate the less lag you will get !
Any donation helps!
So please donate!

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