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Crystal Glades|Factions|PvP|Need Builders


All in all, we offer:

Unlimited Slots
99.9% Uptime

All the boring facts aside, the whole idea behind Crystal Glades is to maintain and develop the aspect of Minecraft that we (the creators, developers, staff and testers) firstly fell in love with when we started our Minecraft journey years ago.
The joy of finding your first diamond, the frustration of losing your first diamond , The pain of getting out of lava, and then burn to death, the fulfillment of crafting an iron pickaxe, finding a spider spawner, challenging monsters and most importantly; doing it with other adventurous players in a controlled environment run by fellow players who can take a joke, a pun and an under-the-table poke – all in good fun.

Crystal Glades is not just about Minecraft – through our Beta period, Crystal Glades has been about more than placing blocks and avoiding lava – it’s been about keeping people together, no matter what we were doing and how much time we have to play.

Application requirements are specified on the forums, but we do not take applications serious without having a playtime of at least 24 hours.

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