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Welcome to Sky Kingdom

Summary of Sky Kingdom:
Sky Kingdom is a new fun server whose purpose is to gather players who want to create artistic builds and structures in a friendly and positive community. Our motto is: Work together, build together. Sky Kingdom is for those who want to play Minecraft and not have to deal with immature or mean players. We deploy special plugins such as lock chests and anti-grief so that your multiplayer experience will always be enjoyable. Our staff members are online 24/7 whose job is to help you get started and playing right away. Sky Kingdom is a family-friendly server and we only allow players who have good behavior and who wants to work with others in building ambitious projects.The server is open everyday 24 hours. Anyone can login and visit the server anytime; you can tour and chat with our friendly members.

Plugins and Features of Sky Kingdom:
LWC plugin - lock your chest and furnaces so that others won't steal your items.
Teleport plugin - each player receives a private warp. Use this ability if you are mining far away and want to go back to your house, you can teleport back!
Economy plugin- players acquire virtual money called Coins whenever they kill monsters
Shop marketplace plugin - players can sell or buy items using virtual money coins
Logblock, the anti-grief plugin - if a random player gets on the server and starts destroying your house or stuff, we can undo the damage so it is repaired and recovered instantly!
Nocheatplus, the anticheating plugin - if a player is flying or using hacks, this plugin will alert us.
McMMO, the rpg plugin - This plugin provides a fun leveling system of every action you do on the server from mining, to getting crops, to cutting wood. As you level up, the drops of those blocks have a chance to double. You can also level up using weapons so that you can kill monsters faster.
Website, Livemap, Sky Kingdom Radio station, Teamspeak chatroom (no microphone needed, you can just listen to others talking)

Rules of Sky Kingdom:

  1. Be polite and courteous to all.
    • Saying everything in ALL CAPS or just spamming the chat is unwanted and can result in being muted.
    • Be friendly and refrain from saying anything rude or offensive.
    • Avoid swearing or any offensive comments.
    • Do not destroy or edit other players blocks. If you accidentally break a few blocks that is okay.
    • As a general rule, do not build closer than 30 blocks from someone unless there is consent.
    • If using a communally available farm, make sure to replant the crops in the case of wheat and sugarcane, and make sure you don't take the seedlings for melons/pumpkins. If you have to break in, build over/under to get into a farm then don't! This will be consider as griefing.
    • Every grief situation is different. If you are intentionally trying to destroy everything we will ban automatically. If you accidentally break then we will pass you some warnings. We will always try to communicate with other players and help them adjust to our rules.
  3. Offer help and assistance to those that need it.
    • If someone wants assistance in finding materials, try offer to offer them advice or even items.
    • If anyone asks regarding in Sky Eden in general, refer them to our website.
    • If someone ask simple minecraft questions, be sure to answer if you know the answer!
    • This rule is also consider the "Good manners rule"
  4. Be both resourceful and inquisitive.
    • Avoid asking lots of questions until you have fully read the recruitment post.
    • Our website is FULL of information and requires some reading to understand.
    • Need help with getting diamonds or other ores? Research about it. Use the minecraft wiki!
    • Trying to find the many shops at the palace? Explore for a few minutes first. Still struggling? Ask!
    • Avoid making ugly plank/cobble huts. Instead, be creative when building structures. Look up the hundreds of minecraft creations posted online.
  5. Practice good morals and ethics.
    • if someone drops items, pick the items for the players and give it back (no stealing).
    • be fair in trading items with virtual coins.
    • like other server, hacks/mods are not allowed. That includes xray texture packs.
  6. Report issues to staff members immediately.
    • Your cooperation is always appreciated.
  7. Follow our rules and guidelines, and have a good time!
    Its not fun playing by yourself, ask ingame if anyone wants to have a neighor to play and build with.
    • Suggest a mining raid and invite everyone. Share your findings.
    • Ask for help finding a city/town to build a home in if you don't want to go solo.
    • Participate in building projects by helping current ones or starting one yourself.

Getting started on Sky Kingdom
Here are some tips on what to do when you start playing!

  • Check out our live map to get a general view of our world:
  • Our Spawn is located on the center of our map with 4 exits going in a straight line - North, East, South or West.
  • Don't be shy and chat with our members. Ask if you can live in a town. Ask if anyone can lend you some tools, food or blocks to get started. Our members can also help get you started building basic things like a House, farm, mining place, etc. We are here to help you enjoy Minecraft!
  • Need some ideas on what to build? Google: steampunk minecraft or medieval minecraft. Google will show you examples of builds to work on.

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