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Craftlands Infinity


Craftlands Infinity
It's like Craftlands, but better!

OK, so I had this long introduction to Craftlands written and then my computer wanted to be a bit of a pain in the asphalt and when I tried backspacing it deleted EVERYTHING. (Anger was released, and an hour later I'm here again)

OK, I'm not even going to try and say all of them, but the important ones are Factions (Plus) and Essentials. We have a few more coming in soon, so don't worry! We'll add more to the list!

Owners: skylordjason & epic__lolz
Admins: none yet.
Moderators: ArChThEgReAt
Builders: none yet.

Where's all the staff?
Yea, that's the problem about restarting, we can't contact half the people we originally had. So, in about 2 hours or so I will release a few links here that you can apply to be in a position!

OK, so no funny business here. (Did you see that waffle? No? Ok.)
Haha! No but seriously, back to the strictness.
Rules are simple, but thorough, the list is here:
Nodus? Goodbye!
No hacked clients. Ever. I don't care if you are the Queen of China or something odd like that, if you have a hacked client, its a perma-ban. No Questions asked.

Mods or Hacks?
Please don't. It ruins the game. We have protections in place for this, first time is a kick, second is a ban for 24 hours, and 3rd is a perma-ban.

Greifing is a big no no!
No. Just no. Greifing ruins the game for those who want a survival server. Let them ruin it. Just don't ever greif someones home. It is a ban, the time will vary.

Swearing? Please don't!
Some people have virgin eyes, and seeing those curses can cause them pain. (lolz)
But please don't swear. If it happens once or twice its ok, but if it happens once or twice a day, then it might be a problem. (Hell is ok, as well as damn. But nothing stronger!)
If someone complains, we check the log if it is excessive. If it is true, you get jailed for 24 hours, nothing more.

Scammers. Get out. Like, now!
No one likes phishing! So go away already!
We have a filter in place, if someone asks for your password it kicks them and prevents contact with others for 24 hours. That includes private chat. If we catch you scamming, its a perma-ban.

Learn your place child.
If you think that your opinion matters to us, then you are right. But please don't argue with us or your fellow users. It's impolite!PvP Logging. That's touchy.If you happen to be one of those in Japan or the UK where midnight in the US is morning there or something like that, then sorry. But for those in the US, PvP'ing is disabled during the hours of 6AM and 10PM. After that, PvP can be done freely! PvP logging still isn't allowed, and if you do it you will be reduced to a peasant. (You lose everything to the other player).

Staff Positions/Op
You do not work for Machinima, Minecraft Forums, or any other service out there. So do not think in the right mind that we will op you for that! Do it, and there will be quite a bit of issues between us. First time is a warning, and beyond that is at the consent of the dealer (in other words, if a moderator is annoyed, he can ban you. If an owner is annoyed, he can temp-ban you. Each staff can do as they please after the first warning!.)

Spamming/Server Advertising
Get out of my damn server. If you start spamming for help or nonsense like that, or if you start advertising someone else's server on mine? I will ban you. I don't care what Obama says (Server Crashed, THANKS OBAMA!) you do not have the freedom to advertise other servers on mine.

Be epic!
This is one James wants here, so why not. Have fun and enjoy yourself! If you have a problem, just use /helpop [message] to contact any of us when you need help! To connect, type in!

Why am I being so funny?
OK, you might just find it stupid, but as my math teacher has taught me, it helps remember the facts better. She started off one lesson for proofs saying how Johny killed Lisa is not enough to send her to jail, you have to show how Johny killer her to have proof. (yea, a bit unorthodox bit of teaching, but it works nonetheless).

So how do I join?
Ah, the joys of hiding things in the rules. Go look at the rules please.

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