This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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We are looking for 21 + age people to join a grief


Looking for a servival server for 21 + age ? We are mostly builders who enjoy some pvp here and there, grief free with few mods. It's a new server just started 3 months ago, but just now opening for applications.

                                  Failure to follow these rules will result in a kick/ban.

   Any decisions made by staff are final, but can be appealed in a responsible manner by using our forums.

1: No Griefing AT ALL. No exceptions! - If you didn't build it, don't touch it. Don't steal other peoples things; there are mods in-place to prevent this. if you suspect someone has griefed please inform an admin.

2: Landscape Griefing - Basically, if your farming materials from the landscape: Sand, Stone, Soil, Trees, don't make it look ugly! Try and keep it nice, uniform, and looking natural.

3: The use of third party mods,scripts, or hacks are not permitted .

4: Don't spam chat or type in all caps.

5: Don't intrude or build on another players claimed area.

6: No Advertising .

7: Common Sense Rule - If you think you might get in trouble, don't do it.

8: Before building make sure you get permission from the owner.

9:No strip mining with in 1500 blocks of spawn

If you are caught breaking these rules, you risk loss of buildings,items, or possible server ban.

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