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Why Mushroomcraft?
Mushroomcraft is a semi-hardcore survival server like no other. With the best plugins, exclusive content and a dedicated staff team, we offer the highest quality Minecraft experience out there.

Over 3 years running, we've created the perfect Minecraft server formula. With constant feedback from users and a gameplay that's always changing, you'll never want to leave!

From quests to dungeons, we have it all!
Start a town, fight off rival towns with the help of our online world map. Create nations and become allies with one-and-other before jumping in to a 20 man raid in order to get the best gear for your people!

We keep our server exciting by not allowing our players to teleport to eachother. Instead, we encourage towns and nations to work hard in order to become triumphant.

Billions of weapons!
28,000,000,000,000 (twenty-eight trillion to be exact..). Yes! With so much customization, the possibilities are endless. Larger armour specs mean more room for improvement in your never ending fight for world domination. From your basic wooden hoe to a legendary, sharpness 10 sword. Competition is fierce and enemies are powerful.

Player Count!
We've always aimed to be a popular server and have maintained that for years. We promise never to hit more than 75 online at regular intervals as we believe server populations with greater numbers force the staff and users to become detached. With this medium player count, we can respond truthfully to any feedback or suggestions and hopefully, offer an unrivaled experience for those users.

Endless content..
Spells, mailboxes, gem slots on your equipment... Mushroomcraft has everything you could want in your Minecraft experience... So what are you waiting for!?

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