This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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PokemonCentral Pixelmon survival 3.0.4 Factions No


Welcome to pokemon central a pixelmon server survival no pvp no grief We don't lemit survival in pixelmon and we have custom bioms but they are kinda rare like a nether biom only has a 400 chance of spawning but is full of redstone,And when you vote you get 300 In game money;5 tokens 3 diamonds You start out with protection 3 leather armor 1000 in game money efficiency 3 unbreaking 3 iron tools 5 pokeballs 5 ironingots 1 greatball and 1 pokedex to get you start for the world! You can play with friends and start a faction with each other to claim areas so people won't grief if you need help with pixelmon search on youtube for "How to install pixelmon 3.0.4" lots of usful videos! Hope to see you on! We don't need staff atm!

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