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Redstone Powered


Welcome to Redstone Powered and for many of you welcome back to Redstone Powered. Our server is a Towny server with many cool and fun features for our friendly playerbase to play with. A big part of our server is the Redstone Punk (steampunk) theme. To be according to this theme there must be airships, ships, and submarines, so on our server players of a certain rank can captaint their own ships of all kind. Players can also build to their hearts content and protect their land with Towny, where you can create monumental nations and towns and war other nations to take their land and precious resources. As you make your epic cities and nations you may find though that you need money to buy land and resources you can join jobs to earn money through various processes such as enchanting and mining materials. You can also craft cool weapons and guns with your resources to fight those wars with and to fight your way through the many custom mobs and enemies that come out at night. Make sure to continue to innovate and create on Redstone Powered. Have fun!

Many Unique and Customized Features:

  • Create Towns and Nations

  • War against other nations and take their land

  • Jobs to earn money

  • Player run economy with player created shops and auctions

  • Custom Weapons and Guns

  • Airships, Warships, Submarines, Airship Submarine Combos, and Fighter Ships

  • Custom Items and recipes such as Mechanical Wings that allow you to fly

  • Cool donator features such as grappling hooks and wing particle effects

  • A friendly active and evergrowing staff team

  • Custom enchantments

  • Ranking system by playtime

  • Custom mobs and mob drops

  • Craftbook mechanics (

Have fun on Redstone Powered 2.0!


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