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Magecraft|Spells, Magic and PVP Minigames


Welcome to Magecraft, a server based around magic and spells, and using that in PVP minigames (i.e. TDM). When you first spawn, you get to choose your preferred kind of wizard, for the four that are currently available (Fire,Ice,White and Psychic), all of which have thier own unique set of spells. Use your spell book to select your spell and cast powerful spells against you foes.

How to Play
You will start of in the spawn, there you will need to select what kind of wizard you want to be (it's easy, you jump on a pressure plate), then you will need to go to the lobby (follow the signs) and you can there choose what map/gamemode you want to play.
When is a game, you can crouch in the spawn area to change your loadout to what you want. You will also be given a book. This is your spell book, and it is very important! The book is your spell book. Right click or shift to cycle though he spells you know, then left click to cast! In TDM it is the team that dies the most that Loses, so don't worry if you aren't getting your killsattributedto you.
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