This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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The MeefCraft Faction server is a server aiming to provide freedom and equal rights to every player. Aside from hats, nicknames, or a ban appeal, players are able to spend in-game money, earned from farming, pvp-ing, arena battles, and much more, to buy ranks set up by the owner and admins of the server. As stated, this server provides players with many things to do while of course playing in a faction world. These include pvp-ing at the spawns warzone, the pvp arena, or at the 1v1 arena. Players can also enter the mob arena to fight waves of mobs, gaining items while doing so. A better experience can also be found on this server relating to factions in general. For example, faction mobs have been added, allowing the player to buy mobs with in-game money and have them protect the players base from monsters and players that arent in the players faction. They can also do this while the player is offline. Many other interesting things can also be found on MeefCraft Factions like using soup in PvP to heal hearts, players being able to create chest shops, intense blood shed, and much more! Youd have to join us to experience them all! Make sure to vote for rewards, youll need it! Also, make sure to give us any suggestions that could help improve the server!

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