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Pure Vanilla

Pure Vanilla 1.15.2



Welcome to Pure Vanilla.

This server brings you back the uninterrupted experience of Vanilla Minecraft from the very beginning of this block adventure by always providing the latest stable version of the game. We added a minimal collection of plugins to the server to improve your experience on the server (like GriefPrevention to protect your land against griefers by using a wooden shovel). We make sure that all additions made do not alter Minecraft's default mechanics.

The server is currently running Minecraft 1.15.2 server, last updated 05.04.2020.

Join today and start exploring, building and fighting enemies!

Server IP


Teamspeak IP: (click to join)
Discord invite: join our Discord by clicking here

"Best Server EU-west!11!!
11/10 would play again!!" -IGN
Posted 28th Feb 2017
Great community, Helpful staff members and a great server to play vanilla minecraft on!
Posted 11th Jul 2016