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UWM Pure Vanilla Survival

UWM Pure Vanilla Survival 1.16.x DE/EN


Server IP:

Main features

  • 10k$ at start
  • Huge Freebuild
  • Farmworld
  • Plots and Citybuild
  • Shopsystem
  • Friendly community
  • Various Bonuses
  • More Achievements with toplists
  • Playtime and Donation Ranks


We offer a HUGE Freebuild world with a World-boarder diameter of 60.000 Blocks!
Build where you want and what you want.
Use Griefprevention to claim your Buildings and Chests.
The whole Freebuild can be overlooked at the dynmap.


Farm all the important resources in a regularly reset farm world.
Find Bees and all the new structures that may be implemented in the future.
With a diameter of 10.000 blocks, almost every biome will be generated.
The whole Farmworld can be overlooked at the dynmap.


We offer Plots in all the different size and price categories:

  • 7x7 affordable for first joiners
  • 10x10 moderate pricing
  • 15x15 perfect for regular players
  • 20x20 if you need a little more space
  • Exp individual sizes, close to the spawn castle very exclusive

Add friends to your Plots to build together!
Build a bigger house by buying the plot next to it.


Rent a shop-plot at our marketplace and sell your farmed goods to other players.
Quick and easy with the simple ChestShop plugin, set buy and/or sell price and quantity – done.
You have chests full of random stuff or cobblestone from strip mining? Look in the Adminshop and see if you can sell it there!


The highly configured AdvancedAchievements plugin offers you another way of earning money. Finish Achievements, get money and decorative heads.
Additionally, a data package brings over 600 new Advancements. Some from the Bedrock version, some completely new. But exceedingly difficult to get them all.


When you join, you start as a Traveler but soon enough you will rise the social ladder until you are a Noble!
Rank up by playing at our server. Every rank offers different perks that will help you in some way or the other.
Traveler -> Novice -> Citizen -> Knight -> Noble

Donator Ranks

If you want to support the upkeep of the server, you can Donate. In return you will get one of three different Ranks:

Earl, Baron or Duke: Every one of them gives you various advantages, most of them cosmetic to keep the server a fair experience for non-Donators.

"Best Server EU-west!11!!
11/10 would play again!!" -IGN
Posted 28th Feb 2017
Great community, Helpful staff members and a great server to play vanilla minecraft on!
Posted 11th Jul 2016