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NoobyCraft 1.7.5 PVE/PVP [Hunger Games] [MobArena][Creative][Survival]

Open to the Public and Stable and Friendly

Respectfull staff and community. Our members is our preority.

Server IP: /
Our Official Website:

We offer for our members of the community a different ways to play minecraft with "Survival world", Creative world ploted, Survival PVE, Skyblock (coming soon) with and more coming soon. 1.7.5 Minecraft. With Starter Cities in the Survival, mcMMO, MobArena, Hunger Games, and more. If you need a new minecraft home,why not join us in this adventure?

We know how important is the combination of plugins can be for our community thats why we work hard to give to our members the best combination of attractive, playable and stable/protective combination of them. You get to build shops, explore the world and discover new things, trade with people or friends, build your own city/town. Gather tools with all crazy combination of enchants and armors while battling mobs, even test your stuff with each other at the arena if you want to.

Our Worlds:
Survival: - normal monsters, where you can build what ever you want in that special spot you find exploring. Shop will be added soon!
Creative: - Peaceful world ploted for you to just get in the world, claim your plot and start building. The limit is your Imagination.
Hub: A Empty world with a hub for all our minigames
Hunger Games

Server Rules:
NO HACK (Mods or any kind of Client side Programs.)
NO GRIEF (Spawn only), you may grief other peoples base's ect ect
NO X-RAY: If any person is detected using X-RAY will be BANNED right away.
NO ADVERTISING: All advertising about any other server will be reason of BAN right away.
Respect all the players in the community and The STAFF.
NO FLY . (Extra Client side Mods.)
Use Grief Prevention to protect your land. " Your Land, Your Responsibility "
DON'T ask for items or Money. Money is consider as item it self in the server.
DON'T ask for any staff position. You have to earn the position or get the invitation from the Owners.
All Grinders MUST have ON/OFF system activated even if the chunk is not loaded.
NO Dark Rooms for natural spam monsters.

Server Information:
List of server plugins goto
Pve Survival
Pvp On in Arenas
Creative Ploted
Hunger Games
30 Slots Server
Friendly Community.
Allowed all ages.
Respectfull Staff
Map well conserved with plenty of nice spots to build and explore.
NoobyCraft In-Game Features:
Nice Staff
SignPortals in Spawn
Voting Rewards

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