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Howdy Minecrafter! I see you are looking for a new server and I believe I have found the perfect server for you! Realmkraft is a 1.8 community based server which is open to anyone who is looking for a suitable server to play on. Ever felt like a server isn’t helpful enough? Well at Realmkraft we offer various types of 24/7 help from our forums to our trained staff which play on the server on a daily basis. As a staff team, we try to make our server the place to be by maximising the fun and experience for all our players on the server, whether that be long term players or people who have only just joined. As mentioned before, our server is very community based, one example of this is how we offer a TeamSpeak channel for those players who want to know other players and staff more personal by talking to them. Realmkraft also offers various free and donation ranks which give benefits back to the players, these are the ranks listed below:

Free Ranks:
Neophyte - Newly joined players
Peasant - Players who have played for 1 hour
Commoner - Players who have played for 12 hours.
Baron - Players who have played for 24 hours + 20 votes
Adept - Players who have played for 100 hours + 20 votes
Elder - Players who have played for 250 hours + 20 votes

The more you play the higher the rank, and also the more benefits. One example of a benefit is getting more set homes.

Donation Ranks: (Each rank comes with /fly) Noble - €4.99
Scribe - €9.99
Craftsman - €19.99
Mage - €29.99
Sorcerer - €39.99
Knight - €49.99
King/Queen - €89.99
God/Goddess - €199.99

Each rank goes across every server. (Note: The permissions only apply to our survival server) Go to for more information on the donation ranks and the benefits that come along with them.

Staff Ranks: (Only available by applying)
Trial-Mod – Server Moderator (Trial period lasts 1 week)
Mod – Server Moderator
Trial-Admin – Server Administrator (Trial period lasts 1 week)
Admin – Server Administrator
Head-Admin – Head Server Administrator
Owner - Not Obtainable

At Realmkraft we have 5 servers or as we like to call them, realms. Our main realm is our no-PvP, no grief survival server which has been up for over a year now. On the survival server there is various bukkit plugins such as chest shop, area protect and a variety of other plugins from marriage master to player vaults. Our server also has keep inventory and creeper blasts off so that you are able to continue playing on the server without having to rage about losing your stuff or having had your building destroyed by pesky creepers. Treecapitator is another awesome plugin we have on the server, this way you don’t spend years and years chopping down trees, instead you can spend time using our other amazing plugins. There is always a time in a survival world where you feel as if you have completed everything, however at Realmkraft we regularly introduce new plugins to benefit both donators and normal players. This way it keeps the server more playable and it gives players a new form of gameplay and entertainment. We have recently updated to 1.8, allowing our players even more dynamic and entertaining gameplay with all the new changelog updates. Our survival server is the hub of our community as it is our main server and most popular, so expect various towns and community cohesion when playing on there.

Our second most popular realm is skyblock. From past experience with skyblock servers, once all the challenges are completed there is very little to do and it gets a little boring. However at Realmkraft we give people new challenges to do every so often so it keeps players wanting to play and become the ultimate skylord by beating others in the island level leaderboard. We have all been in the situation where we have accidentally made obsidian instead of the usual cobble generator, and we always have to end up resetting our islands, but you don’t have to on Realmkraft. We have a plugin that allows you to click on obsidian with a bucket, allowing for you to get lava back in return, this way it is easier for you, the players, to continue your skyblock experience without raging over a silly mistake. If you think you have what it takes to dominate the skies and become the ultimate skylord, then check out our awesome skyblock server.

Another realm we have is PvP, PvP is a full on raiding faction server where there is no holds barred. As more players join together to play with each other, factions, alliances and rivalries grow allowing for some interesting battles to occur between the factions. On our PvP realm, everyone is equal, allowing for fair fights which prove who is better in the art of fighting. We also have a bounty plugin, allowing you to set money on player’s heads, and allowing players to earn money by killing players which they can then spend in our PvP store.

Our final realm is Creative. Creative consists of several worlds, there is a small plot sized world for normal players, and a larger plot world for donators. Donators also have access to world edit in the creative world, this allows players to show their full potential and creativity when building. We often host creative build competitions with different themes where players can win donator ranks, this gives players who are unable to buy ranks a way of getting additional permissions.

Realmkraft is a server which is here for the long run and will never abandon their players. Realmkraft has been open for a year, and we can’t wait to spend future years with new and old players of our community. Us as a server ae welcome to new ideas for the server, as after all, our aim for our server is to provide a fun haven for a variety of Minecraft players. If you have any more questions about the server, feel free to ask them in the comment section as we will be happy to answer them.

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