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Zerp Nation Minecraft


Want an entertaining, organised and constructive environment that's free of griefers, hackers and those alike? A server that has a mature and helpful community which answers any questions you have? Zerp Nation may be the server for you. Read on...

The Server

We are an 80-slot, relatively new Bukkit Minecraft server. We have minimal lag (if I said we had none, I'd be lying) and a decent playerbase that needs building on. We currently have 2Gb of RAM but plan to update as more players join. Why should you join Zerp? Read on...


We have features to deliver a great playing experience to you:

» Minimal lag

» Professional-looking domain name

» Organised (and constantly updated) forums

» Grief protection

» Cheat protection

» Mature environment

» Friendly patrons

» Mature and helpful staff

» Fun-to-engage-in economy

» Creative world

» Rank system

» Arenas

» Donation system

» Things constantly being added

Join us

To join the server, connect to:

To visit our website and forums, connect to:

If you have any questions, interests, complaints etc. Send me a message in-game or on the forums and I'll get back to you soon.


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