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Cryptic Network Gaming-Looking for Staff



  Hello there! Welcome to CNGServers. Its a pleasure to add you to our family! I cant wait to get this server up and running and start a new era of minecraft gaming!!

What My Goal For CNG to Become

  Back a bit ago i used to run a server called RazeCraft-PvP and it was a fun time with that and my first real server that actually took off and became popular compared to previous servers that i owned that were just small communities. But i ended that server due to complications in RL and i was sad to end it cause it was a really fun time and we had a great player base and all that jazz. Initially i wanted to just host another faction server and see where it took but if you go and look there are hundreds of factions servers out there and what would make us stand out? What would make us unique to where people would want to play on my server? There was nothing so i sat back and I did my research and came up with a different game plan for the server. My goal for this server is to be a Medieval based old age and fantasy server with Factions and Races. I ended up making (still in the process of configuring lol, its a pain in the arse but it will be worth it) a 10 race based server. You spawn in the game and have the ability to chose a race that will help and define how you play the game. Im not going to spoil it all but ill give you a few hints. I wanted a varienty so i combined some fantasies like Hobbit and Percy Jackson and Game of Thrones and the always loved Assassins Creed. There is Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Vampires, Wherewolves, SeaSerpents, Assassins, ForestPeople and Undead. Each race has a specific set of Unique abilities that will render how you play the game. All races have good and bad, but a matter of deciding what race suits your playstyle best. A small hint is being a Vampire you can go invisible for (x) amount of time but you take (x) amount of damange being in the sun. SeaSearpents can breathe infinitely under water but dont have the ability to interact with horses. There is so much more to these races that i want to tell but ill save the surprise :) Every races special abilities and magical powers are based of mana which you can earn in various ways. So choose very carefully because once you pick your race you cant change it again for a entire year. I also was thinking about having a set faction per race but that would mean friends could go against friends and jeaprodize certain things so I decided to leave it where you can have any race in a faction. Have you and your friends choose different races where they benefit eachother in roles in a factor or anything you can think of. 

I also wanted this to be a hard server to survive on and take skill in playing the game so there will be no tping, no randome warps, there will be 1 sethome and a faction set home which helps. Mobs are jacked up like crazy to make a more realistic and difficult playing style. But certain races co-exist with certain mobs to where you dont need to worry about them :) The world border will be set to 150k which gives ample space for many many factions have secluded and hidden spots on the map. Factions will also be configured diffrently have a daily cost to upkeep it per land chunk and diplomacy will be different also. You will probably have trust issues unless you truely trust the other factions. Like Allies will have acess to enter each others bases but still not open chests. There will be nations as well so you can team up with friends factions. There is a few hints of what i have entailed for this server and would love you help with this. There is so much more to share but you guys will have to wait for the surprise!

My Game Plan for CNG Growth

I want to grow this server into its full potential. My goal is to get a very nice steady player base on this maine server and then with the help of my staff start expanding into a Hub Server of Sorts with different servers featuring plugins and such. I want to be able to reach a point to slow start expanding into the following servers

Straight-Up Vanilla Survival

Games Server (HungerGames, Spleef, PaintBall, etc.)

The Hobbit: Middle Minecraft (The Hobbit World Re-Created with set factions and races)

Towny Server

Creative Server (for building competitions and such)

Kit-PvP Server

Drug Server

and potentiall more with you help and suggestions

Staff Situation

Ok so i know everyone wants staff and its a big thing for people to earn their way there and have the credentials to be in that position. Due to previous events in the past I now have severe trust issues when i first meet people and letting them use permissions on my server because i have been screwed over before and had to pay money (thats right real $$) to have the issue fixed so i apologize for being cautious but i think you would be the same way given my position. I am currently going to be looking for this Staff Team. I want a team that can work well together and be able to converge to be able to make the server better as a whole. If we get to the hub server i listed abouve staff will be paid a portion of the monthly income but that is bit away and my trust hahaha. But everyone can earn it. I currently am looking for these positions

Owner: Cusser44

Co-Owner: Ultra Tobs

Dev. (2)

Helping Configure Plugins and Permissions of all sorts

Plugin Specialist with me (1)

Being able to extrememly customize plugins (This Position will get a portion of the server income from the start)

Need to see plugins that you have made/worked on and customized to know you really do do this

HeadAdmin (1)

The typical administration roles

Need experience in administrating

Admin (1)

The typical administration roles

Need experience in administrating

HeadMod: GuardGirl


Typical Moderating Job


Need to be a great builder with pictures of things you have built in your application


Need to be a good builder with pictures of things you have built in your application


Need to have experience with website editing to keep the website fresh and clean and up to date


So a few servers ago i came up with this idea of a special agent and its a great idea in my opinion and it works well. So basically there will be 3 people who have the permissions of a administrator but will apear to be a regular member in the game. Nobody but the high staff has knowledge of who you areso your identiy isnt compromised and you go around the server as a normal player and talk with the players and do the "normal thing" lol and see if anyone is hacking or cheating and figure out what the weekly "word on the street" is lol and report back to the Owners/Administrators

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