This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Infernocreaft | 24/7 Survival | Semi-Vanilla | MON


Welcome to the Inferno.
InfernoCraft is a semi-vanilla, roleplay, survival server, with a helpful, and friendly community and staff! We have a nice and unique ranking system, based off of questing. You will experience a great story... And build your own!

BUT... Once a month, the PURGE happens. A period of total anarchy! For 12 hours the rules will not be enforced, and hell can rain down. So what are you waiting for? Come discover true survival. Come discover true community. Come discover the Inferno.

Rule One: Do not build too close to spawn.

Rule Two: No Grieffing. Come on... It's really simple to follow. And I will easily catch and ban you.

Rule Three: No excessive swearing.

Rule Four: Listen to staff at all times. We tell you things because they're important. If you feel a staff member has abused you, contact Izak_Ruud (Me) or MasterTargaryen.

Rule Five: No PVP unless both parties agree to fight!

Rule Six: No Hacking. This includes the use of X-Rays. Please play fairly.

Rule Seven: Everyone is damned in the Inferno... Comfort each other. Treat each other like family.

Rule Eight: Do not ask staff for any unfair advantages!

Rule Nine: NO SPAMMING. (Using all CAPS in chat is spamming.)

Rule Ten: Be respectful and truthful to everyone! It makes for a nicer community!

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