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Olympus Online


We welcome you to the world of Olympus, where the world is plagued with evil and only one community is safe. Upon arriving at Olympus you will exit from the clock tower get the chance to explore the Town Spawn. There is a market place with villagers ready to make trades and rent-able booths that members are able to rent and make chest shops in. There is a donation booth with a generous villager who will trade useful tools for one piece of cobble stone!

The Olympus Online staff wants to promote community building as well as create a field for adventure and excitement. Surrounding the marketplace you will see several builds made by the staff. Feel free to explore these buildings as there might be chests for you to loot! These chests are placed randomly around the town and also the world. Explore and see what you find! You will also find villagers who live and work in these buildings. Right-click them to see what they sell, but keep in mind that these picky traders only accept emeralds. Look for the nearest ATM to exchange your virtual money for emeralds.

Ready to get out of spawn? Just remember that this server is on Extra-Hard mode with plugins used to increase mob armor and damage. Walking out of spawn at night with no armor or weapon is a very very VERY bad idea. The longer you stay alive the more rewards you will have, so try your hardest to stay alive! The spawn in surrounded by mainly water so be ready to use your boat upon leaving spawn.

Once you have settled in a nice and safe home in the wild, there are lots of things you can do to keep yourself busy.

  1. One of the best ways to make money is to kill hostile mobs. Put on some good gears and start butchering some zombies!
  2. Hunger will eventually lead to death so start breeding some animals or go to the Old Lady's Inn at spawn to buy some food.
  3. Explore the world for dungeons, loot chests, small villager communities, and mini-games.
  4. Make some friends and party with each other. Good company is always nice to have.
  5. Go to the market and rent out a booth. Decorate it and start up your very own shop!
  6. Rank up to "Loyal" or become a "Donator" to buy property within Spawn. Make your own protected house, shop, farm, zoo, or anything you can think of without having to worry about grief or mobs!

We are still in Beta! If you have anything to share with us or would like us to implement, go to the forum tab and tell us.

Thank you for joining Olympus Online and we hope you don't die!

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