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WestField a town in spawn
Ashford Island Portal enterance

We are a truly interesting and unique server with alot to do which can vary from lottery to working to become the most powerful person ever or perhaps you’d like to be a travelling trader upon our ships and airships which range from many vessels such as a marsship which is a sun powered airship. If you seek power look no further anyone with enough effort can become easily powerful all it will take is some levels a enchanting table and anything you want to enchant (non block or crafting item related) We have 50 new types of enchants which range from traps to devastating effects and useful abilities. These skills will also be good to challenge our dungeons which you can find special weapons inside. If you are a player who likes to start cities we have towny which is a very fun and useful town plugin which can keep you safe from danger. You can also gamble your money here in our slot machines where you can attempt to win cool prizes or useful tools or maybe a powerful weapon.we also feature more kinds of plugins listed below:

Craftbook: Allows for cool gamechanging mechanics or cool things such as elevators and gates
mcMMO: Allows things to be easier with abilities and skills reguardless of what it is you do
Enchantmore: Gives you enchants that work on other items to new items with cool new effects
MobHunter: Pays money for killing mobs and even more with they way you kill them
Bloodmoon: Makes nights more difficult but more rewarding if you can survive!
Dragoneggs: Changes Dragon mehcanics and allows them to be summoed for a dragonegg and 15 Diamonds
EasyJetpack: Allows for special mobs which spawn rarely but with cool abilities and loot
MyPet: Allows you to tame pets and even more as you become a higher rank
QuickShops: Gives you custom shops creatable in shop plots and anywhere after Diamond Rank
UberRecipes: Gives you more recipes to create things such as horse armor

Additional Notes
Aerocraft is a survival and raiding server which comes with many unique and amazing plugins to help make your gaming experience one you wont forget. We have so much to offer and much more!

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