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YetiNation is a new server dedicated to providing an unmatched connection between the player and the admins. We are dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to make the experience better for you as the community. We value your feedback and want you to help in the evolution of this Minecraft server.

With a great community, well-balanced kits and mines and well-priced donor ranks, you'll love playing on YetiNation!

Feel free to join, have fun and make friends, YetiNation is perfect for those who don't want to be swamped by crowds, and who want to interact with a solid core of players. We have a small, consistent player-base and a host of friendly and fair staff!

Play alongside our staff! Unlike other servers, YetiNation's staff team are active players in all of our gametypes, meaning that it becomes as simple as asking whenever a player needs help. You'll find that our staff also organise 'spur-of-the-moment' games of either Survival Games or PvP during peak times, just to add some spice to the game!

We look forward to meeting you online!

-YetiNation Staff

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