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No Fear Minecraft


24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week – Hosted in the UK!

Come and join an awesome economy server! We want to provide a fun and radical place to build, explore and play. With many, non-laggy plugins we have altered Minecraft to bring you the very best experience. We run a multi-world server with no-lag where you can build in Creative, live in the harsh world of survival, or just beat the crap out of monsters in our arena. We actively take suggestions from our community to make this place as fun as can be!

There is no whitelist, so everyone is free to come along and play. Our staff team is mature and level-headed & act quickly to ensure that everyone keeps to the rules we have set out. Come along and join the fun!

PVP, TNT, Fire, Lava and Water buckets are ON in this server.

Server IP

These rules where set out so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience. Please follow them & note that they are subject to change at any time:

  1. Griefing and stealing are 100% Allowed; There are protection plugins such as Factions and LWC, so if you are not careful and do not protect your land or belongings – they are open to get stolen!
  2. Don’t leave trees half cut down; Floating trees are really annoying, so if you are woodcutting please make sure that you take out all of the logs, to allow the trees to decompose.
  3. Don’t build within 300 blocks of spawn; This is for many reasons, the first being we may want to add to the spawn, another being that you don’t want your place to be found by EVERYONE on the server.
  4. No hacks or mods of any type; This excludes graphical modifications such as Optifine or Rei’s Minimap.
  5. No X-Ray type texture packs; This includes but is not limited to any modification or pack that makes it easier to find diamonds or any other mineral on the server.
  6. No excessive swearing or any spam; We believe that maturity is key. Swearing is allowed on the server, however we do not allow people to swear unnecessarily (For example, after every word). Spamming is not allowed at all.
  7. No sexism, racism or prejudice; We want everyone to have an awesome time on this server, no matter their creed, race, gender or anything else for that matter!
  8. No advertising other servers; We’re all for getting your YouTube channel or live stream out there, but we do not want anyone advertising another Minecraft server. This includes private chat, which is monitored.
  9. Do not ask for OP, ranks or items to be spawned; If we want you to be staff, we’ll find you. We do not give anyone an unfair advantage in the game. Privileges are earned, not given!
  10. Do not exploit client and plugin glitches; If you can see anything that is wrong, tell an admin! We do not like item duplication or anything that is glitched from Minecraft or it’s plugins.
  11. Do not kill bambies; A bamby is any player that has joined the server within the last hour. They are protected – How would you like to be massacred repeatedly when you first join a server? If you have read these rules, you will be one of the 5% of people that do not say "OMG, WHY AM I STILL A GUEST?" because you will know /rankup turns you into a Member on the Survival world. :)

All punishments are at each staff members discretion, and can include jail, kick, temporary ban, permanent ban or simply a warning.

Staff Team
All staff are handpicked for maturity, knowledge and activity. We do not accept applications, we will find you!

Server Owner
Sevaru AKA Joel

B3n913 AKA Ben

Jacobthejoker AKA Jacob
Cooperater AKA Coop

We are always open to suggestions and would love to hear from you – if you want a plugin added, just contact us and ask!

AM I Lagging
Multiverse (Inc Signs & Portals)

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