This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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LukeCraft Creative


Lukecraft puts a twist on creative! Not only can you build along side your best friends, you can climb the ranks until you reach the very top!

Join our server, and join the fun! Keep in mind that we have just rebuilt ourselves from the dead, as the owner left us in the dust! Our wonderful team of staff have kept the server in one piece.

When you play on LukeCraft creative, you can travel up the ranks by building your greatest creations! Here is a list of the ranks you can earn, and their permissions!


Guest is the rank you have when you first join the server. You have very limited permissions, and you must build inside the guest world. The guest world is cleared periodically, so make sure to submit your builds as soon as you finish.


Earning the member rank is very simple. You must create a build that the staff think is worthy of a rank! Once you're done, either ask an online staff member to review your build, or create a request by typing /modreq . Member has more permissions than guest, such as /tpa and /tpahere. Also, members may leave the guest world, and build in the larger member world by typing /warp member or entering the member portal at spawn.


You earn trusted in the same way you earned member, except the build must be better than your last, and you have to have at least 12 hours of playing time. When you rank up to trusted, you are allowed to use redstone and water.


To earn craftsman, you need at least 4 approved builds. Craftsman has permissions to /tp. A craftsman is more respected, and you need to get it to earn all ranks after this.


To earn artisan, you need to be a great builder, and a dedicated member of the server. No new permissions are added at this rank, but people respect you more, and it is required in order to rank up again.


To earn architect, you need to join the server almost every day, and have an arsenal of great builds. Architects have access to /tptoggle and nearly all essentials commands.


Very few people have earned elite architect. To earn it, you must be very well known by server members, and you need a lot of good builds. Elite Architects have access to worldedit.


There is only one grand architect, so get the rank while you can! The grand architect is the server's best builder and has access to voxelsniper.

If you like our server, or just can't wait for a permission, donate to the server. All donations go to the server hosting, and you will get the rank immediately after donating. (If you don't, then contact a staff member ASAP, and we will resolve the problem) Please note that there are NO REFUNDS on any donations.

Donation packages:


Cost - $5.00 USD

With a $5.00 donation, you will receive:
• Color nickname of your choice
• Color chat
• Able to disguise as pig and baby pig
• Donor rank
• Can join the server even when it's full
• World edit compass
• //Thru
• /Hat
• All emotions commands
• Can place banned blocks
• Can use /time
• Can use /lb to see who placed a block
• Can edit game/flying speed
• Can use /headgrabber to wear any Minecraft user's head as a hat

Elite Donor

Cost - $10.00 USD

With a $10.00 donation, you will receive:

• All $5.00 incentives
• Disguise as any non-hostile mob
• WorldEdit


Cost - $20.00 USD

With a $20.00 donation, you will receive:

• All $5.00 and $10.00 incentives
• Disguise as any hostile mob or player
• voxelsniper


Cost - $50.00 USD

With a $50.00 donation, you will receive:

• All $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 incentives
• /kick
• /mute

Please note that improper use of the /kick and /mute commands will result in a seizure of your rank without a refund, and possibly a ban.

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