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BacklashPVP - A Custom Minecraft PVP Experience!


BacklashPVP is a new, unique American MineCraft Server with many features, some of which include;

  • Custom classes/armors
  • Custom items
  • Factions
  • Domination (Coming soon)
  • Friday Night Games (Coming soon)

We also utilize well-known plugins such as Factions.

Custom armors:

  • Guardian (Diamond)

The Guardian class revolves around lightning, water & strength. This class is very handy when it comes to pushing off enemies to protect your friends and escaping on water.

  • Paladin (Gold)

The Paladin class is a healer/support base class to help out your friends/allies when in battle. You can quickly heal them when they get to low health.

  • Ranger (Leather)

The Range class is exactly what it's meant to be, your player has special bow abilities and can do large amounts of damage with a bow, but be careful as the Ranger class is not very strong, defensive wise.

  • Rogue (Chainmail)

The Rogue class is a very unique class which allows you to have three unique passives;

  • Unlimited hunger
  • No damage on fall
  • Auto-Sneak
    The Rogue class also has a leap ability which can be used with a special item.

  • Warrior (Iron)

The Warrior class is for people who like to get more hands on during battle and get right in the middle of fight. The Warrior class allows you to use a set of fighting abilities, one of them being 'Riposte' - which allows you to block enemy attacks for a few seconds.

We just started so lots of new features will be coming out in the future!

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