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Age of Iron


Age of Iron is a server that is centered around PVP. Wether it is Faction V Faction or 1V1, we strive to make every PvP aspect of the game not only extremely fair, but extremely fun. Age of Iron is a VERY unique server, Diamond armor, and enchants that are game breaking have been removed. this allows for pvp to be more centered towards who is more skilled, rather than who has more spawners, or more time spent at the spawners. Diamonds, as well as other items, are sold at spawn for currency to buy other things, such as enchanted books. We have many plugins to disable undesirable aspects of the game. Endermen don't spawn, which means enderpearls are not obtainable. The nether and the end are disabled. /sethome is not usable, but using a bed will set your home. The MCMMO plugin has been drastically changed. More information can be found in-game, or in the server's minecraftforum thread:

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