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I am AzureNinja99! BlueCraft is my Minecraft server that I have been running since 1.8.1 Beta. But it's not just another Minecraft server. It combines a survival, pvp, creative, and mini-game server all into one! Pretty much anything that you would ever want to do can be done right here! We have a pretty small community, and looking for some more people to join.




Survival Games
Deathmatch (coming soon)
CTF (coming soon)
Spleef (coming soon)
Parkour (coming soon)


Q: Why can't I access the Creative world?
A: That is because you are a visitor. Visitors are people who have not signed up on the website. As a visitor, you can do pretty much everything, except enter the creative world and a few commands.

Q: OK, so I registered, Why am I still a visitor
A: The plugin that is used to auto promote people is not yet working with WordPress. Until then, I will have to do it manually. I get an email every time someone registers, so I usually promote them pretty fast. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: What do donation ranks do for you?
A: They give you extra commands, such as mobdisguise. You can get a full list on our webstore, linked on our site.

Q: Where are everyone's houses?
A: For some reason, everyone has a strange erge to build really far away from each other. Not sure why.

Q: If the server has been around for 1.8.1, why is the community so small?
A: Well, I've sort of been procrastinating. I am kind of afraid of advertising my server because whenever I've done that in the past, we got a storm of noobs coming on and DDOS attacks. So it's only been advertised on select sites.

Q: Why aren't there many people signed up, and the forum is empty?
A: We just switched over from Enjin to our own personal website (as of a few days ago). So not everyone on the server has gotten the chance to sign up and post on the new site yet.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: If I am not online the server, you can send me a PM on the A->N forums, or on the BlueCraft forums. Or if you are more of an email person, you can reach me at

Q: Can I be op?
A: Nope.

Hope to see some of you online!

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