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NANONetWorks v2 - Survival


Hello Minecraft Players. Owner of NanoNW here and i just wanna give you a intro to NanoNW!

• Are you looking for a server which allows you to build freely?

• Are you looking for a server which listens to the players?


Well then NanoNW is the server for you, here at NanoNW we don't take donations as our main priority, we do indeed have donations put aren't a high priority to us, to us NanoNW the main Priority is the players who play on NanoNW.

Here at NanoNW we try to create a server where players can feel a part of the server by sharing their ideas and how to improve the server. On Storm Legends we have very friendly staff and a dedicated team, this team likes to talk to the players on NanoNW to find out what they think about the server and on any improvements they suggest to the server. Here at Storm Legends we have many features!

NanoNW also holds a monthly Event were we will give out a Donator rank of Iron Legend to any player who has the most play time at the end of each month and this is to show players that we are great full for their support.

The NanoNWTeam is incredibly dedicated to the server and this is because we feel that to host a Minecraft server you must put the work into it, here on NanoNW we don't believe in Map Reset unless it is a serious issue, most Servers we have seen always resort to map reset instead of finding solutions for lags and chunks, Here at NanoNW we have a dedicated team which has already found solutions and use their free time to install these solutions to make the server better for the players.

NanoNW is a server which relies on Player feedback and without player feedback we feel the server would die.

So Enough Reading come and find out for yourself =-), come and play on NanoNW And enjoy playing NanoNetWorks and play Minecraft the way it is supposed to be played.

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