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Halcyon Realm


Halcyon is made with our favorite plugins and features, blending them together to create a server that allows players to get the best out of their survival server experience.

We've added MCMMO to give players willing to put time into certain skills a leg up, Quick Shops to allow the economically minded to buy and sell or trade items in their own shops, Jobs for task driven players, easy rules acceptance to get you started right away and two large open worlds which are viewable via our website's livemap.

Hate being killed at random by diamond sword toting ninnies? Halcyon is a PVE (Player vs Enviroment) server, leaving you to build with others without the risk of being robbed at sword point. But, if you're feeling violent, join a game of Hunger Games and solve your grievences at sword point, without losing your hard earned loot.

For the survival loving builders, you'll be happy to know that the server's tnt and creeper block damage have been turned off. Player damage remains keeping the thrilling risk of death and dismemberment without the disheartening rebuild. Grief is also not allowed and you may buy your land ahead of time to protect your items to build in safety, or have any damage reversed by a friendly staff member.

We value great builds! Halcyon routinely runs Build Contests with fabulous prizes, including points useable on the server, gift certificates and game gift cards.

Best of all, we're not a g-rated server, so while staff will kick players for excessive swearing or caps to cool them off, you're allowed to slip a few curse words in after that unfortunate creeper death, or enderman blooper like we're all want to do.

All of this is run on a 22gb dedicated server that can boast little to no lag!

Our server runs 24hours, and there are players and staff on at all hours. Some staff members are multilingual.

Come on in, have a look around, make yourself at home. Be certain to read the rules!

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