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What is up guys, my name is Dippay from the MCReborn team. If your reading this its obviously become that time again, server hunting time and Im going to explain to you why the next IP you punch into your server list should be ours. If your not sold already read our background story and server specs. It should give you a good feeling about what MCReborn is all about!

Background Story

Making a PvP server is something that I have always wanted do, I wasn't tell recently tho that i really had the drive to make it happen. I too have been server hunting countless times trying to find a PvP server to meet my needs and yet, I never found one that I considered even close to 100%. After locating a server I was interested in the first thing I would do is head to there website and check out there donation store. Not to donate but to check out what perks the highest donation ranks receive, and 100% of the time I would not like what I see. Donators would receive commands and items that would give them and un-fair PvP advantage over other players. This is due to the fact that it would be impossible for general player’s to obtain these abilities. Commands like
/speed, /strength, /fix all, /enderchest, /invsee, /eat and Items with enchantment set-ups thats impossible to create without cheats.

This is main revolving factor about MCRebon. We have created the most balanced faction PvP server on the market today. We haven't just worked on balancing ranks tho, lots of work went into finder proper spawn terrain and other little details to make this server perfect. Balanced PvP is the true and ultimate purpose of MCReborn, and we plan to keep it that way for as long we are online. :)

Server Information

-Balanced PvP
-Events [Read more below!]
-All potions have been buffed/debuffed to 1.5
-No ocean within at-least 2000 blocks from spawn [custom seed to reduce “cheep” -water fall back tactic]
-Overworld border 10000x10000
-Spawn at x0 z0 [For easy world navigation]
-Terraformed semi-flat Warzone area
-Nether border 10000x10000
-Nether safe zone at x0 z0
-Nether super-flat Warzone area
-Server shop includes cheep splash potion of healing
-Awesome donation ranks/kits [Ranks are meant to increase efficiency]
-No mcmmo
-Obsidian destroyer
-Admin Log block plugin [Keeping x-rayers off the server]

  • And much more!


MCReborn is going to be an “event server”, this means we will hold all kinds of in server competitions for valuable loot! The type of events will constantly vary, members of community can also create event ideas by posting on our forums!

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