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Crafty Castaways


We decided to host and manage a server full of perks for all.
There are 15 rankups all the way to admin lvl 1.
There are no donator/ViP ranks. Free server.

Survival, PVE & PVP worlds. OP & Legit play options. Unlimited protections.
Almost 400 spells. 7 job types. Rank up to staff or just enjoy the elevated perks.

We have updated successfully after many bukkit issues to 1.8 The below plugins are functioning without
any errors in initial tests. World 1.8 generation will only occur in new chunks and we are watching
integration of old world into 1.8 like a hawk. So far so very good ;D We are using bukkit 1.8 API R01 ;p

For now (20 Jan) this is our 1.8 plugin list.

Citizens v2.0
MyPet-NPC (Citizens Trait)
Sentry (Citizens Trait)
Builder (Citizens Trait)

Spells list is reduced from 450! to 390 ish since updati from 1.7.9 to 1.8
Several plugins are removed for now including worldguard :/ fixing ASAP.
(Worldguard was handling the no xp orbs drop fix as well as other safety. Grr!)

Server has 10GB ram 8 core Xeon V3 CPU 28 GB solid state disc. 105 slot.
Sister test server is whitelist 38 slot Bukkit 1.7.9 / 1.8 R01
Host: Beastnode
Location: Netherlands EU
2 owners. Scotland UK

Water/lava buckets, Portals, TNT On.
Total freedom. Flying, giant leaps, step through walls /jump /top /leap /thru /phase /airstep earn the skills.
OP Enchants are enabled here.
Custom enchants.
LOADS of mobs.
Public server facilities.

Custom OP Jobs. Integrating 350 custom spells + many perks into 7 jobs as level up rewards.
(Magicspells 3.1 by Nisovin + Jobs 2.12.0 by phrstbrn)
Server Unique OP McMMO++ experience with MagicSpells & Jobs integratation.
You may take 5 of 7 jobs here. 350 spells. More homes. "odd" permissions. Through jobs!
Read that? 350.. spells.. Abilities.. Madness.. Trickery.. Much power to explore! (Actually 390)
Every few jobs levels you can /c list and /c help newspell'sname to see what you just learned.
Spells are for the most part built into jobs. Farmers get farming spells, miners get mining ones,
raiders get travel, damage and protection spells, mechanics get crafty stuff.. and so on.
A farmer, after a while can replant entire horizons with a few clicks fully ready to harvest. Free.
Many ridiculously useful spells are seeded into jobs. Create water in the nether for example.
Every mob head in the game & more drops here. We have also added mcMMO.

PVP World (Is being moved to new world in development Caelus VERY soon)
Seperate inventory /backpack /enderchest for this world.
We have tried to limit the ability to cheat here. It is for the most part a legitimate world.
Only 1 spell to summon protection stones. Many disabled commands. Limited flying.
No world edit any ranks. No /more /give /item /enchant /top /thru /heal /feed etc.
PVP Pstones are disabled for most ranks all worlds. Build/protect anywhere.

Legit PVE fans Note! PStones "City Protection" and "Land Claim" Have /ps toggle prevent-pvp
You can now be safe from pvp inside your stackable PVP world protections.
All protection types are stackable. You can own/protect 10s of millions of blocks with 1 named field.

Land Claims = Sky to bedrock 140 blocks wide for just placing 1 emerald ore.
Shift click and define a new size to resize and shift click again to finish, done.
While you resize a field place more of the same block type to add more size. Easy.
Each field has many configurable options for you to try out or you can use the handy defaults.

Performance notes.
The server's config for magic spells is 6000+ lines long and jobs is 3000. Plugin timings show
whisper quiet jobs/magicspells near zero drain on 20 tps.
You can (with right rank+) check the server ram, tps, chunks, entities and perform maintenance with a single spell.
You will note no block update lag, ever. EVERY harvestable item is put into jobs not just
"crops" as most servers have, so boring "farmer". The custom jobs here is very rewarding and
pays for almost all kills, crafting, repairs, enchants, harvest, blockbreak and place. XP AND cash.
^ mcMMO I finally added it to compliment jobs and survival play. All skills. All ranks. ;p no bugs.

Jobs EXP reduced by 50%. 18 Jan.
Was causing TPS hang issue with mcMMO skill level EXP. Hanged server every time! :O
Apparently mcMMO (bukkit 1.7.9 R02) cant stand ridiculously high jobs exp payouts?
This issue is fixed now testing vs 100s mobs a time. Exp was the issue. mcMMO & Jobs.

Custom self written plugin CraftyZombies has a on item drop listener for rotten flesh replace.
Large groups of giants cuasing 100s of baby zombies on death could spike the TPS with
item replace spam. This issue is still causing TPS spikes on large spell based grinders
such as /c cbacubes and /c gbathole. Crafty zombies greatly supports rank up money.
It will be removed shortly and the renkup costs reduced. ;)

EXP Orbs dont drop on this server (worldguard setting) Jobs is set to do this instead
auto paying EXP to level bar as it's earned.

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