This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to VastBlocks!

                 We are a brand new survival server! We are running 24/7 and have zero lag! If you experience any, please let us know by being polite and not just spamming the chat.

VastBlocks is a Factions server with cool plugins and new plugins on the way. We will have a Plot world coming soon and much more. We are NOT a huge HUB server and will NOT have all the emenities. This server is for Mining, Building, Using the Economy and for Fun!
It's set up with N. E. W. S. roads to build off of. The closer you
claim land next to the Spawn, the more your land is worth. You can Buy
and Sell your land to other players. There are not many servers that do
this. If you have read our rules (in Spawn) you are ahead of the game. No small questions that are already posted in spawn will be answered in the chat. The owners are busy all the time. We are looking for Staff, but ask that you not say, "I'm staff on another server!" That means nothing to us. We ask that you stick around, Invite friends (that are mature)
and help new people that join. It doesn't take long to figure out how
the server runs. :) Our ranks are posted in spawn and We will have what
they offer available soon. Again...We are new and we are always busy updating, configuring and making it the way we think it should be.

NOTE - If you were a member of our old server Vastform, you may or may not get your rank you previously had. It depends on the owners judgment of you.

Feel free to claim land in any wilderness, but please...Keep our world clean! No one likes a messy map. If you have a tendancy to not listen and follow rules, then you will be warned and eventually banned. We do not tolerate immature behaviour.


PVP is on, but this is not a PVP server if you know what I mean. Mobs are off for now. (hard to build and mine.)

Hunger is disabled and so is TNT. To bring your heart level up, eat food. There's an admin shop in spawn.

We use the ChestShop plugin, so if you
would like to make your own shop, feel free. Use your best judgment in
pricing from the admin shop signs. If you are a pro shop builder, we
have land available outside the spawn area.

Please come check us out! :)

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