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Cyandale Mod Pack ***READ DESCRIPTION FIRST***

The Owners!
The spawn area!
A member working hard at his invention!
The Twillight Forest!
Brand New Biomes

Cyanpack Built For The Cyandale Server

Ever wanted to have a mod pack that was built for the sole purpose of multiplayer gaming?
Yeah of course!!!!
Ever wanted to request a mod and have it instantly uploaded to your multplayer server?
More than once or twice yeah!
Ever wanted to tend for you crops while you send a nuclear missile into the side of the house of that son of a b**** that stole from you?
Ermmmmm well no...But that sounds AWESOME!!!!

Well i think we might just have the perfect mod pack for you. Cyanpack is a purpose built mod pack built for the sole reason to cater for the Cyandale servers. The mod pack was put together and designed by PLAYERS and run by PLAYERS. yes thats right the admins, moderators and helpers all play the game too!

So you might ask yourself whats so great about this mod pack that makes it stand out from the rest? Well although we may look the same on the outside we are so different on the inside! Bosting 100+ mods based around what you the players want we give a uneque gaming experiance which can only be described as "explosively brilliant!".

Using plugins such as;

-Chest Shops

We all the players of our server to wage wars, live peacefully and prosper in tons and tons of money while still maintaining that sense of a small personal server you always wanted! Our bigger mods inclued those such as;

-Red Power

And so much more!

Cyanpack What can i do?

As a FREE user, yes the server is free to play indefinatly! you get full use of all aspects of the server, You can build, fight, protect and mine just like any member in the server. But its not until you donate that you see the true potential of what this server can be! Multiverse allows us to dedicate to you your very own world to rule over as you wish, You may want to herit and live and build in it by yourself. You might be kind hearted and let any one and everyone use it. But then again you could be a war monger and set PVP on and fight your way to glory!

Special events held each weekend allow users to interact with each other as well as earn special prizes and bonus in game. Ore hunts, chest searches and easter egg hunts are all games that allow our members to gain extra items and ores each weekend!

The buddy reward scheme allows everyone who is activly trying to recruit for the server to be rewarded in an amazing way! For every 5 people you bring to the server you will get a different donators package 100% free! yes thats right No money but lots of reward just for getting your friends to come along and play on the server!!!

Install Notes.

In order to play this mod pack download the NEW TECHNIC LAUNCHER, once on it click the "ADD NEW MODPACK" button on the left hand side and copy the URL listed on the technic post into the paste box, click paste and the Cyandale splash should show. Then click the cog on the TOP RIGHT of your launcher and click the option that says "INCREASE PERM GEN SIZE" then click save and launch the pack as normal. NOTE: If you fail to do this there is a chance the mod pack will freeze on the mojang screen or crash when you load up the server.
Cyanpack/Cyandale Contact details.

Email: OR
Website: (Tempary website while Domain is transfered.)
Mod Pack Download:
Server IP:

Cyanpack Disclaimer

Although used in this pack Cyandale/Cyanpack owns no rights to any of the mods or plugins included and takes no credit for them. If any mod pack creator would like credit adding to the mod pack list/website email; and it can be arranged.

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