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FTB Nightmare (Direwolf20 1.6.4 Survival)


This server uses FTB Direwolf20 for version 1.6.4 of minecraft. Instead of the recommended version you must use the highest version out now 1.0.20+ I use forgebukkit and therefore have both forge and bukkit mods enabled on the server. Besides the server plugins listed all the mods automatically enabled in FTB Direwolf20 modpack are still enabled. All you need is this modpack to join the server!

I am looking for staff members please feel free to apply on the server website :

There are a few different reasons why this server will be different than any other server you may come across. The 1st difference is how shops are done. All items in shops must be purchased using a rare resource that can only be found on the surface of minecraft and has a low spawn rate. Using Mcjobs and through voting or player trading you can build up currency to buy this rare resource in order to get what you want from the stores in game. Most servers do a full $ based economy with the purchasing and selling of everything for $$. Instead I intend to make things a little harder to get by making you have to actually work for it while making the obtaining of things far easier than trying to obtain them yourself. Time is all that is needed to improve.

The second thing that separates this server form others is the customization and time put into the spawn. The spawn is very well done and you will notice this instantly upon joining the server. Customization wise I have altered the config of every mod in the Direwolf20 mod pack to offer a completely different experience of the mod pack entirely. Mobs are stronger and are larger in number. But with higher difficulty comes greater rewards and I believe this is necessary to meet the vast majority of items that are stronger than diamond. Most servers have these FTB modpacks with all these new items but do not scale mob difficulty to meet these new changes. I believe the game will be more enjoyable overall the way I have created it and hope you try the server out to see how you like it.

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