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The Blackfern Insane Survival Server


Here is the Blackfern Networks newest server, here are some details on it:

Running time: 24/7
Server based in: Canada
Main plugins and their functions:

  • levelcraft: add's player leveling to the server
  • factions: acts as a form of land protection in a fun way aswell as adding competition
  • leveled mobs: Gives mobs a level when spawned, this level increases the further away from spawn you go, the higher the mob level the harder it is to kill them. But you also get better drops.
  • ItemLoreStats: This adds new stats to your armor and weapons, such as poison chance, crit chance, wither chance, add more player health, fire chance, etc
  • Enchantment Pack: Adds many new enchantments to the game, for most items, even food!
  • EnchantedFurnaces: Allows you to enchant your furnace to increase your smelting output as well as the furnaces efficiency
  • Extrahard Mode: Adds in new levels of diffiuclty by adding in many new game mechanics
  • Dynmap: Displays a map of the server
  • Diablo Drops: Adds more cool mob drops to the server

Through combining the plugins mentoned above and the other 40 plugins we have installed (not kidding), we have managed to create a survival world with many RPG elements built into it. Truely you will still be having fun after playing for weeks. The way the mob difficulty progresses allows a challenge for even the most experienced players, just 1000 blocks out from spawn I found a giant with 10,000 health. If that isn't a challenge for you then wait till you see what have at 15,000 blocks away from spawn. But don't be to timid, we have added a whole bunch of new item and armor mechanics in to help you out, as well as over 100 new enchantments (which can go all the way to level 20).

Remember, our server is only two days old, don't shy away from us because we don't have a large player base yet, because with your help, we will have one soon enough!

Thanks - The BFN Team

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