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[Death by Twig]


We ran a large server for over two years and have returned after a six month break to start fresh and small.

The owners are adults who run a server out of love for their players and pay for the server out of their own pocket.
Sick of needing to donate to suceed on a server? While we apprecaite any money you donate to our server we dont hand out non legit items as rewards like many servers or ruin our server to make a donator happy.
We do have an epic chest filled with legit prizes at spawn for donators though :)

Rules for the new server Death by Twig

  1. No griefing, we class this as modifying blocks placed by another player without their permission. This includes stems but no other crops count.
  2. No swearing a or name calling. ­ this is ok, ­ you is not.
  3. Dont Cheat, cheats are determined by owners/staff.
  4. Don't be an ass.

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